How To Use Supersets

▪️The majority of gym goers have used supersets in their workouts in one way, shape, or form. But the question is, is there a best way to perform supersets?

▪️Personally, my favorite technique of doing supersets is the classic agonist-antagonist method, aka push-pull method for short. Essentially, you pair a “pushing” exercise, like bench press, with a “pulling” exercise, like rows or pulldowns. Since these exercises work antagonist muscles, they don’t “compete” with one another, meaning your pushing muscles can rest and recover while your pulling muscles work. In addition, this type of superset usually leads to a great pump!

▪️Another method I like is kind of like a reverse version of the pre-exhaustion method – post exhaustion (creative title, right?). Essentially, you start with a compound exercise, then move to an isolation movement to truly target a given muscle. I especially like using these to pair a bench press variation with some sort of chest flye – that way I know my pecs are getting trained hard!

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