The Truth About Gaining Weight

It’s totally normal to want to be able to pinpoint ONE thing and blame it for why we gain fat.

It is rarely even one thing though.

Let’s say you want to lose 15 lbs because you weighed that much 5 years ago and felt more confident, more energetic and happier at that weight

You probably gained those 15 lbs gradually over the course of 5 years because you were consistently in a slight calorie surplus

Not because of carbs

Not because you ate at night

You can lose that weight without restricting anything. You just need to have a plan to stay in a caloric deficit and give your plan time to do its work!

Cutting out carbs, alcohol, fruit or whatever will NOT be the long term solution you are looking for. Sure, you might drop 5 lbs but then you’ll probably gain it back and be back at the drawing board looking for another food group to blame

Skip that cycle and choose a sustainable plan that you can see yourself happily sticking to for the REST OF YOUR LIFE

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