Exogenous Keytones For Fat Loss?

Here’s a very easy explanation why ketone supplements don’t work for fat loss.
I had to do this post because a number of my PT friends have told me about how popular these supplements are and how many of them have been approached to sell them as weight loss supplements.
Very low carbohydrate diets cause the body to produce ketones by breaking down fats.

The body can the use the ketones instead of glucose (a carb) which is in short supply.

When the body makes its own ketones, we call this “ketosis” because the levels of ketones in the blood get higher.
People will only lose fat on a ketogenic diet if they are eating fewer calories (WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU CUT OUT A FOOD GROUP (CARBS).
Exogenous Ketones are popular supplements now because they “put you in ketosis”. This isn’t nutritional ketosis from carb and calorie deficit… It’s high blood levels of ketones from taking them directly… It’s kind of like “PRETEND KETOSIS”
Another thing many don’t realise is that Ketones contain Calories (4 kcal/g just like carbs and protein).

In the study above, the ketones added 360 calories…that’s a small meal.
❌No weight loss
❌No fat Loss
❌No changes in any health markers (so at least they’re safe)
Unfortunately the study didn’t provide any information on food intake or activity levels to explain why participants didn’t gain weight.
Ketone supplements DO NOT HELP FAT LOSS because they skip the calorie reducing effect of ketogenic diets.
If fat loss is your goal, forget about supplements and focus on a healthy diet and lifestyle changes
They may have other benefits to ketones potentially but if you buy them for fat loss. Don’t waste your money.
Reference: Soto-Mota et al. (2019). Safety and tolerability of sustained exogenous ketosis using ketone monoester drinks for 28 days in healthy adults

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