Tracking Workout Progress

I know feeling that soreness 1-2 days after a workout can be super satisfying.

It makes you feel like you worked hard and got in a really awesome workout.

The problem is that you also get sore because you did something new or different, not only because your workout was necessarily good.

It’s best to evaluate the effectiveness of your workout based on how you’re improving, not based on how sore you are.

Changing your workout too much gives you that sore feeling but doesn’t allow you to actually progress with your strength.

You have to stick to the same lifts for awhile and get stronger with them to utilize progressive overload and give your muscles a reason to adapt and get stronger.

You can get sore from increasing increasing the weight of some lifts or doing extra reps but it’s generally not the same level of soreness.

If you want to get stronger and see the best results, stop chasing that feeling of soreness and changing exercises all the time

Stick to a plan and get better and better at that. Once you start to plateau then you can change your plan.

Soreness doesn’t mean better.

Getting stronger means better.

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