Can Fish Oil Improve Your Physique?

Can fish oil improve physique?

Fish oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which have positive health effects. In addition, researchers discovered that omega 3’s could improve various aspects of your metabolism, such as increasing insulin sensitivity and fat oxidation (aka fat brining).

A case study investigated whether fish oil can enhance a person’s body composition compared to safflower oil as the control group. The study included 44 healthy men and women. For six weeks, they consumed 4 grams per day of either fish or safflower oil. Then, they measured their body composition with air displacement plethysmography (i.e., BodPod).

The lean mass of the fish oil group increased by 0.5 kg, while the control group decreased their lean mass by 0.1 kg. However, the fat mass of the fish oil group declined by 0.5 kg, while the control group increased 0.2 kg. The fish oil group also lowered their cortisol (the stress hormone) levels.

Keep in mind that the BodPod is not ideal for measuring body composition. In addition, most similar studies have not found positive effects.

There aren’t any effects during optimal conditions (e.g. trained young adults with good diets), but small benefits increase in more compromised conditions (e.g. inactive older adults with disease).

In conclusion, studies show that fish oil supplementation can improve body composition. However, most research finds little to no effects in healthy young populations.


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