Muscle Memory

♠️Muscle Memory♠️
🔹 No training will lead to no progress and consequently we can experience muscle loss aka atrophy. ⁣

🔹 How hard is it to regain muscle you might ask? ⁣

🔹 It turns out, “Muscle Memory” is real, and the majority of us have likely experienced it. It’s far easier to regain lost muscle, than it is to gain it for the first time. ⁣

🔹 Our muscle fibers have an “epigenetic memory” which means the changes that the cell’s DNA goes through, including information about its previous size can be replicated over again.

🔹 Even though we will lose muscle mass after a period without training, we don’t actually lose the number of myonuclei. This increases the amount of resting muscle protein synthesis, and makes it much easier to regain lost muscle once we’re back to training. ⁣

🔹 In addition, motor unit recruitment seems to decrease slowly in comparison to muscle size. ⁣

🔹 This means that when we start back working out, we’ll be able to regain a good number of muscle fibers, and still apply high amounts of force, compared to when we previously started training.. which will allow muscle regrowth to happen at a much faster rate.


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