Do you let the number on the scale dictate whether you have a good day or not?

If so, you’re definitely not alone.

Your body is about 70% water – so almost all short term changes are water related.

Could be you had a hard workout yesterday and have some inflammation while your body is recovering.

Could be that you ate a bit more salt yesterday.

Could be that you didn’t drink ENOUGH water and have some retention.

Could be that you had more refined sugars yesterday and are a bit more bloated.

Whatever the reason is it’s important to realize that the increase is VERY short term.

To see the real changes in fat and muscle you’ve got to look at the overall weekly trend.

And honestly, the best way to see your progress is to find a pair of pants that are a bit too tight and try them on every week.

You may be pleasantly surprised that even if the scale hasn’t budged, the pants fit a bit better.

Oh and if you’re going to say that you can eat 15,000 calories in a day then I REALLY doubt you keep it all down.

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