Overhead Press

✔️Overhead Press

▪️If you wan’t to grow bigger and stronger shoulders, the Overhead Press is a great compound exercise to take you there!

▪️It’s one of the best exercises for progressively overload your deltoids to improve size and strength in your shoulders.

▪️You can do the exercise with either dumbbells or barbell, seated or standing.

▪️When you perform it standing, you’re recruiting your Pectoralis (chest), Deltoids (shoulders), Triceps (arms), and Trapezius (upper back). But to stay balanced and upright, your Lower Back, Obliques, Serratus Anterior, Transverse Abdominal and Spinal Stabilizers are engaged.

▪️Also, keep your Glutes and Abs engaged to press the weight up with stability.

▪️Make sure you have enough shoulder mobility to perform this exercise correctly, otherwise you might compensate by overarching and hurt your back and shoulders.

▪️A good solution is to add Wall Angels to your routine and foam roll your lats before Overhead Pressing.

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