Energy Intake

Energy Intake

▪️Here’s an idea of what your potatoes can cost you in calories. It’s imperative to understand the energy density of the food you eat. Not all food is created equal no matter how similar it may look on your plate.

▪️Potatoes for instance, vary in calories based on their type and also by the way they are prepared.

▪️Here’s a few reasons how food appearing similar can vary:
-Cooking methods
-Types and brands
-Additives like butter, milk and oil.

▪️Be conscious of the amount of calories and the preparation method of the food that you are eating. Especially if you’re looking to shed some extra fat.

▪️Ultimately, in order to lower your body fat percentage, you need to be in a calorie deficit. When you are focusing on calorie awareness while choosing potatoes; aim for the lower caloric option such as steamed potato or the variation without any cooking additives.

▪️Where you are consuming a higher calorie and higher fat potato like chips; you should make sure that your other food choices throughout the day compensate for this by being high protein, high fiber and nutrient dense.

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