Losing Weight

What’s the best workout to lose fat?
I get that question at least 10x a week.
And it makes sense because if your main objective is to lose fat then obviously you want to do workouts that will lead to losing fat, right? The problem is that working out is really a minor factor in your overall fat loss journey. No amount of working out will get you results unless you’ve got your nutrition under control. So workout primarily to build muscle or at least get stronger. That will help with increasing your metabolism and ultimately making it easier to keep the weight off. In order to lose the fat though, you’ll need to create that deficit with your eating
Sure, adding cardio will give you a little boost but the biggest factor that will dictate whether you lose fat won’t be your workouts..
It will be your nutrition. So eat to fuel your body and to create a reasonable deficit
And workout to get to get strong, build muscle and to reshape your body.

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