Do This And Lose Weight

If you can just improve in one area,
you’ll be giving yourself a much better chance at being successful.

Don’t try to do everything at once though. Keep things simple and make sure you’re consistent.

There is a difference between being hungry and eating because you’re bored.

If you have a schedule to follow then that will help…minimize the unnecessary snacking.

Working out early doesn’t actually make you lose more fat.
But the earlier you get your workout done, the less time you have to talk yourself out of doing it.
I know it sounds basic but walking more does really help a lot.
What’s done is done. Don’t dwell on mistakes. And don’t go to extremes to make up for them either. That
just creates a cycle that’s tough to get out of.

The scale won’t move every week. Use pictures, measurements and clothes to keep track of your progress.
The more times you can find progress, the more you’ll be motivated to continue.

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