How Much Protein Builds Muscle

There has always been a lot of misunderstanding about protein intake, much alone how frequently it should be done to achieve hypertrophic effects. especially given that the research itself isn’t really clear!

While we are aware that meal timing and protein frequency are unimportant for maximizing protein synthesis (as long as chronic protein requirements are satisfied), there are several tactics that may offer a minor advantage and may even be more effective:

In fact, studies show that eating 40 grams or more of high-quality protein per meal enhances MPS by 10 to 20% when compared to lesser intakes.

If your goal is to increase muscle mass, 30–40g each meal would be excellent because that is the amount of MPS that is maximized. This, along with the proper training methods, may imply that dividing your protein consumption into smaller, more frequent meals is a better course of action.

“Oh, but we only absorb 30g of protein per meal, right?”

No, there is actually no “limit” on the amount of protein that our bodies can absorb. In actuality, healthy individuals will absorb 100% of the protein consumed.


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