Stretching Builds Muscle

Whether we intend it as static, passive stretching or active and more “dynamic” like muscular contractions under stress, stretching muscles surely improves muscular growth. 

That, of course, presupposed adequate effort and advancement through time.

Recent research has demonstrated that static stretching can definitely result in significant gains in strength, hypertrophy, and range of motion, even though some protocols may seem fairly “brutal” (Warneke et al, 2022).

On the other side, there is growing proof that lengthier muscle training sessions are advantageous (although not for every single one of them). Maeo et al. 2022; Maeo et al.

Furthermore, we are aware that, when compared to concentrics alone, eccentric contractions—basically the lengthening component of a contraction—show stronger hypertrophy. 

And that’s probably because Titin helps us produce more force by resisting fiber deformation. Titin is also thought to be one of the main mechanosensors, which detect mechanical tension. 

What should we do, though, to promote hypertrophy?

Both approaches can be effective, but ultimately, it depends on what you want to accomplish and how adaptable you can be.

Static stretches will undoubtedly help students whose areas of study require particular flexibility skills. They will also cause stretch-mediated hypertrophy and have many other positive effects on those who practice them. 

Other pops might benefit from regaining movement and enjoying greater ROMs, perhaps after an accident or for other reasons.

I think it’s less significant for bodybuilders, especially since most moves won’t require much flexibility (but flexibility may still be developed by exercises!) We also want to avoid weariness by limiting the amount of fiber damage we sustain, which is more noticeable after eccentric contractions.

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