Building Muscle

🔹When trying to put on some extra muscle, it’s easy to focus on the wrong things.⁠
🔹While some things like excessively eating highly processed foods to consume more calories might gain you some weight, it’s not a long-term strategy and it’s far from optimal.⁠
🔹To keep it simple, you want to focus on gradually increasing your calorie intake by around 250-500 calories over your maintenance level, and mainly eat nutrient-dense whole foods (this is usually called a “lean bulk”).⁠

🔹Yes, you can, of course, eat much more than that, but you will most likely not be growing much more muscle, but instead, pack on excess fat (this is usually called a “dirty bulk”).⁠
🔹Keep your protein and carb intake high.⁠
🔹In the gym, focus on progressively overloading your compound lifts and then your accessory exercises.⁠
🔹A BIG MISTAKE a lot of people make is to not get enough rest. Your body needs to recover to grow stronger and to build muscle, and this happens during your rest periods. So make sure you get at least 7-9 hours of quality sleep.⁠
🔹Keep educating yourself to consistently grow your muscles AND your brain.
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